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Why Twinsity

Why do our partners and clients love to use Twinsity?

Digital Reality That Is Easy To Use

Load your 3D mesh models into Twinsity and just start your walk-throughs. Our software is built for real-time presentations, collaborations and reviews.

Immersive Visualization

Fly-through and explore your reality capture projects with ease and in real-time. This allows immersive and interactive VR experiences for you and your clients.

Designed For Comfort

Our aim is to offer our clients the best possible comfort. We provide high frame rates, low latencies and unprecedented intuitive navigation.

A powerful suite of features

Check out what you can do with Twinsity!

Powerful Mesh Engine

Welcome to the most powerful mesh engine. Our real-time rendering allows you to visualize your full-res meshes of any sizes.

Immersive Visualization

View and walk-through your full-res meshes and unlimited textures with unprecented visual appeal.


Efficiently share your reality capture projects with your clients and stakeholders.


Our Annotation tools allow you to annotate and comment any spot in your mesh models.

Camera Animations

Record visual appealing camera animation videos of your reality capture projects.

VR Experiences

Create immersive and interactive VR experiences of your reality capture projects - just at your fingertips.

Twinsity Showcase

Walk-through your 3D reality meshes with ease and share them with your clients efficiently, no matter their location. Even in VR!

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