How Virtuapix combines 3D models of Drones and Matterport using Twinsity

posted by Sabrina Siebert on September 22th, 2020

For a long time, the windmill tower was the only remaining part of the 18th century Moulin de Bénesse-Lès-Dax in France. But in recent years, the mill has been restored and revitalized with great effort – interior and exterior.

The incredible result of their city's windmill has been captured by the Dax-based company Virtuapix. The enterprise is specialized in professional photography and a high quality of their images. Besides classical photography they also offer 3D modelling and a variety of drone shots. This drone technology was also used for the outdoor shots of the renovated mill to digitize this building.

The restoration also included the interior of the mill. Therefore, Virtuapix used Matterport scanning technology for the interior shots. In this way, the new state of the mill could be captured digitally and comprehensive.

In order to obtain a consistent model of the indoor and outdoor recordings, Twinsity was used as the software solution. Virtuapix could easily import the data of their work into the software. Now Twinsity enabled a combination of the drone and Matterport scans - so that in the end a complex and realistic model of the mill was available in highest resolution. The different levels of the project can be combined in the software as desired. For example, only the interior can be displayed, but also the combination of both models.

“The windmill project was to digitize this building located in the south west of France after its renovation. We then created the 3D model from drone images and Matterport. Twinsity allowed us to mix the two sources and thanks to the Viewer, to make the data readable to our client.”

Jean-Philippe Juen, Virtuapix

With the created 3D model of the mill, the final result of the restoration can be easily shared with supporters and sponsors of the project using the Twinsity Viewer solution. This enables them to visit the mill interactively without having to be on site. In addition, the digitalization of such cultural sites offers the opportunity to preserve and secure them for future generations.

Virtual Visit created by Twinsity:

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