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You can download our 30-Days Trial of Twinsity Studio or the completely free Twinsity Viewer for viewing existing projects.

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Explore your shared Twinsity Projects

Explore your shared Twinsity Projects

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Try Twinsity for your 3D projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions we get asked about Twinsity and our Runtime Licenses.

With Twinsity, you can easily view and share your massive and photorealistic 3D scanned mesh models from photogrammetry and laser scanning wit your clients. You will benefit from a high-performance real-time visualization technology that drives the highest level of visual appeal and intuitve user experience . Our users fell in love with:

  • High-Quality Visualization with the fastest mesh engine on the market.
  • Intuitive User Experience for you and your clients - we always aim to make Twinsity accessible even for non-professionals.
  • No Limitations - view and share your massive mesh models without decimation and texture limitations - Twinsity can process data with millions of polygons.
  • Amazing support backed by our Twinsity experts – here when you need them.

We have split our software solution into two versions: Twinsity Studio and Twinsity Viewer.

Twinsity Studio: The Studio version allows you to import your 3D scan models from photogrammetry and laser scanning. You can easily view and work in your models, create visual appealing animation videos, add measurements and annotations.

Twinsity Viewer: The Viewer version allows your clients to view and work on existing Twinsity projects.
When you want to share your 3D projects with your clients, you can easily export your Twinsity project to the 100% free and unlimited Twinsity Viewer. The export generates a project file and the Viewer setup, that you can then share with your clients.

Yes, the Measurement and Annotation features are available in your exported Twinsity Viewer. If you share your projects with your clients using the Twinsity Viewer, they can take full advantage of all features, including Measurements, Annotations, and Recordings.

The Twinsity Viewer runs unlimited and without restrictions, no matter what Runtime license you have.
This means that your clients can use all models that have been exported to the Twinsity Viewer without any limitations, even when you do not have an active license running.

You can choose between two different Runtime licenses:

  • 1-month license, ideal for one-off drone and laser scan projects
  • 3-month license, ideal for integrating Twinsity into your scanning business

In addition, you have also the possibility to get a Custom Bundle, tailored to your individual needs!

After purchasing a Twinsity license on your Twinsity account, you can easily log in at Twinsity Studio.
Afterwards, you will be able to choose your license. There you can also see the details of your currently used license.

Your Runtime licenses run exactly for the period of 1 or 3 months. You are not involved in any subscription. After your license expires, you can easily purchase a new one or get a custom quote to build your business around Twinsity.

Yes, during your 30-Day Trial period of Twinsity Studio you can use all of the features of Twinsity without any limitations.

Yes, you can import multiple 3D mesh models from photogrammetry and laser scanning into a project to view them in a single 3D environment in Twinsity.