TwinSpect – The quantum leap for virtual 3D inspections

TwinSpect from Twinsity is the software tool for the virtual 3D inspection of any structure – like bridges, dams, industrial plants, oil platforms, wind turbines and cultural heritage. High performance, high resolution and intuitive usability define our quantum leap.

Architects, civil engineers, surveyors and general contractors work far more efficiently with TwinSpect than before. They gain time, save ways and optimize the workflow. Drone operators and service providers benefit as resellers and drive their services much forward.


Annotate, measure and inspect your assets easily from your desktop. TwinSpect combines the digital replica of the real world asset with the original drone footage – giving you two detailed and high-resolution resources to work accurately and collaboratively. Time on-site is reduced, potential safety risks are eliminated, and time savings are obtained. 

Detect defects 

  • Safely identify even the finest cracks or hard-to-reach damaged areas.  


  • Annotate relevant and damaged spots directly in the original images. The marker is automatically added to all images where the location can be seen. So every picture is automatically double-checked – without requiring any action on your part!  


  • TwinSpect enables you to perform measurements and analyses down to the millimeter range. Measuring in hard-to-reach or dangerous places has never been easier than virtually from your desk.  

Inspection report 

  • In TwinSpect, inspection reports can be generated automatically. This contains a detailed overview of all annotations, important information and relevant inspection images.  

How you bring true-to-life 3D models to life

You first export the inspection images of your drone inspection flight in the photogrammetry software of your choice. We recommend the RealityCapture software from Capturing Reality, which provides ultra-realistic and true-to-life 3D models with high-resolution textures revealing even smallest details. You can now import this project data into TwinSpect, and directly inspect, analyze and evaluate your object virtually and in high detail, as well as share and collaborate with project partners.

Drone Capturing

Drone Twinsity TwinSpect Survey

The drone flight generates the raw data of the object. It also captures areas that are difficult to access.

Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry Software

You export the 3D mesh model in OBJ format from your photogrammetry software.


Virtual 3D Inspection

Twinsity TwinSpect 3D VR Inspektion Grafik

Now you can import your 3D mesh model and camera parameters into TwinSpect – and experience INSPECTIONS SIMPLIFI3D.

Inspired by TwinSpect

Your company could be part of this too …

„TwinSpect has proven to be an excellent product, but equally excellent is the support provided by the Twinsity team. They have provided some of the most responsive, timely tech support I’ve come across to get us up and running, and the unique capabilities of their solution has allowed us to offer exciting new possibilities to our clients.“

PCL Constructors Inc

PCL Construction provides general contracting, construction management, design-build and preconstruction services to a wide variety of clients across Canada, the US and Australia. PCL leads the industry as they have for more than 100 years.

HAZ Beratende Ingenieure für das Bauwesen GmbH

HAZ are consulting engineers for civil engineering. Their work focuses in particular on structural design for new buildings as well as structural and repair design for old, often also listed buildings.


Topotwin creates photorealistic true-capture models of historical and infrastructurally significant objects for clients from culture, industry and infrastructure. The models are used for digital archiving, planning, surveying, inspection and maintenance as well as marketing.

GEOZICHT Drone Projecten

GeoZICHT provides drone services ranging from high-quality 3D geospatial data and 360-degree aerial photography to the inspection of industrial facilities and civil infrastructure. The company specializes in image and data processing as well as geographic and geodetic issues.

Hexcam Drone Services

HexCam provides specialized drone services for particularly surveying and mapping, condition inspections, solar inspections and thermography, as well as video production and photography.

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