TwinSpect – The quantum leap for virtual 3D inspections

TwinSpect from Twinsity is the software tool for the virtual 3D inspection of any structure – like bridges, dams, industrial plants, oil platforms, wind turbines and cultural heritage. High performance, high resolution and intuitive usability define our quantum leap.

Architects, civil engineers, surveyors and general contractors work far more efficiently with TwinSpect than before. They gain time, save ways and optimize the workflow. Drone operators and service providers benefit as resellers and drive their services much forward.


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How you bring true-to-life 3D models to life

You first export the inspection images of your drone inspection flight in the photogrammetry software of your choice. We recommend the RealityCapture software from Capturing Reality, which provides ultra-realistic and true-to-life 3D models with high-resolution textures revealing even smallest details. You can now import this project data into TwinSpect, and directly inspect, analyze and evaluate your object virtually and in high detail, as well as share and collaborate with project partners.

Drone Capturing

Drone Twinsity TwinSpect Survey

The drone flight generates the raw data of the object. It also captures areas that are difficult to access.

Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry Software

You export the 3D mesh model in OBJ format from your photogrammetry software.


Virtual 3D Inspection

Twinsity TwinSpect 3D VR Inspektion Grafik

Now you can import your 3D mesh model and camera parameters into TwinSpect – and experience INSPECTIONS SIMPLIFI3D.

Inspect virtually

  • Navigate

    Navigate immersively in your ultra-realistic 3D mesh model, interactively in the First Person or Orbit mode.

  • Measure

    Measure distances, heights and surface areas directly in the 3D model, up to sub-centimeter range

  • Understand

    Recognize and understand complex building structures in the 3D model

Analyze damage

  • Identify

    Identify damaged areas directly in the 3D model and call up contextual original images

  • Mark

    Mark damaged areas and points of interest in the 3D model and in the original images

  • Comment

    Annotate and highlight marked damage and relevant points

  • Transfer

    Automatically transfer markers and comments from the 3D model to the original inspection images – and vice versa

Cluster issue types

  • Define

    Define severity levels and custom issue types

  • Categorize

    Categorize and filter issue types and severity levels

  • Visualize

    Visualize with color codes and icons

Automate inspection reports

  • Generate

    Automatically generate highly detailed PDF reports of inspections

  • Overview

    Get an overview of all markers, comments, issue types and severity levels in the report

  • Visualize

    Extended reports with detailed and marked original images

Hugely powerful

“TwinSpect is a hugely powerful tool. It allows our clients to view large and complex data in an efficient manner, significantly decreasing the amount of time they have to spend both on and off-site.”

The best tool

“Twinsity proved to be the best tool for this job – as it’s able to render the full texture resolution in a smooth 3D environment, with the ability to add annotations directly onto the mesh and using the high fidelity of the model to accurately measure small deformations of the concrete.”

Your software tool. Your benefit.


With TwinSpect, architects, civil engineers, surveyors and general contractors extend their leadership in the industry. Because: They simplify and streamline their inspection work, speed it up and create automated reports. You can also share your project with all project partners by inviting them directly into the virtual inspections via TwinSpect. This takes your workflow to a new level.

Inspection with TwinSpect is also really fun. Just test it live and free of charge for 14 days on your projects.

Drone service providers: POWER UP PILOTS

With TwinSpect, drone service providers and operators stand out from the competition. Because: You make your work truly accessible, visibly enhance your performance and offer your customers real added value. This is how new customers are won over as if in a flash. And as a reseller, we also reward you with a bonus for every project.

The TwinSpect experience is also really fun. Simply test it live and free of charge for 14 days on your projects.

Fabien Chalas Twinsity CEO

Fabien Chalas, Co-Founder & CEO

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