We are Twinsity

Twinsity GmbH is a German-based and fast-growing technology startup with a focus on innovative and state-of-the-art software solutions for the AEC industry. Twinsity provides a tool to efficiently present reality capture projects, work cooperatively with them and share them worldwide with partners. Working digitally with 3D models opens completely new possibilities for professionals to inspect digital twins.

Gamechanging Enterprise

We see a huge potential in 3D visualization. And we think that with our TwinEngine, on on which our tool TwinSpect is  based, we are already initiating a surge in innovation. We have made the seemingly impossible possible with TwinSpect. And that’s what motivates us even more.

We want to open the doors of the digital world to everyone and continue to explore and push the boundaries of technological possibilities – enabling countless users from a wide range of industries to visualize and process huge amounts of data at high speed in 3D models for their specific requirements. We want to make them more efficient, more successful and ultimately happier.

So we’re constantly tinkering to make the virtual world of Digital Twins take shape for the advantage of all people.


The Co-Founders Uwe & Fabien Chalas

Fabien und Uwe Chalas Twinsity CEO

The Twinsity Story

From drone engineering …

In 2010, Uwe Chalas co-founded a successful German drone startup that developed drone solutions for surveying and inspection. This resulted in his deep understanding of the inspection industry, its requirements and untapped potentials.

… to 3D inspection

Together with Fabien Chalas, Uwe Chalas henceforth dedicated himself to 3D programming, bringing together the experience from both worlds for the benefit of the inspection industry. Starting in 2016, they both researched intensively on high-end software technologies for real-time visualization of ultra-realistic 3D mesh models from RealityCapture. In 2019, they founded Twinsity GmbH and initially focused on virtual plant inspection through the visualization of 3D models.

Developed in 26,280 hours

With TwinSpect, Twinsity now offers a fully functional software tool to work efficiently and collaboratively with digital twins of industrial and infrastructure assets and cultural heritage, to share them and present them worldwide. This digital work with 3D models now opens up completely new, previously unimagined possibilities for professionals.

  • 2021

    TwinSpect launch

  • 2019

    StartUp Twinsity


  • 2016

    Twinsity graphics engine