High-performance 3D visualization

With TwinSpect, drone service providers make their work unique. You present yourself as an innovative provider, you visualize 100% of what you can and enhance your performance visibly. And on top you can profit as a reseller. This means for you:

More fun

Improved and innovative position on the market

Additional income

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Unique views

Heading for new horizons

Fabien und Uwe Chalas Twinsity CEO

Fabien und Uwe Chalas, Co-Founders

Twinsity’s beginnings are in drone engineering for building inspection, and in the software development of high performance solutions. In 2016, Uwe Chalas and Fabien Chalas started to bring these worlds together and developed a new software technology for real-time visualization of ultra-realistic 3D models.

In 2019, for this purpose, they founded the start-up Twinsity. With TwinSpect, Twinsity is now providing an innovative software tool to efficiently inspect, evaluate and collaboratively edit projects by combining the high-resolution digital twin and the original drone images. This tool opens up completely new, previously unimagined possibilities for virtual building and facility inspection.

Your Job. Your passion. Our tools.

Only flying is more fun

How you bring true-to-life 3D models to life

You first export the inspection images of your drone inspection flight in the photogrammetry software of your choice. We recommend the RealityCapture software from Capturing Reality, which provides ultra-realistic and true-to-life 3D models with high-resolution textures revealing even smallest details. You can now import this project data into TwinSpect, and directly inspect, analyze and evaluate your object virtually and in high detail, as well as share and collaborate with project partners.

Drone Capturing

Drone Twinsity TwinSpect Survey

The drone flight generates the raw data of the object. It also captures areas that are difficult to access.

Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry Software

You export the 3D mesh model in OBJ format from your photogrammetry software.


Virtual 3D Inspection

Twinsity TwinSpect 3D VR Inspektion Grafik

Now you can import your 3D mesh model and camera parameters into TwinSpect – and experience INSPECTIONS SIMPLIFI3D

Taking off yourself

Innovative positioning

  • Visualize services

    With TwinSpect, you visualize your services at the highest level and your customers recognize even better what quality you deliver to them.

  • Offer added value

    With TwinSpect, you show your customers that you understand their business and provide added value that opens up unimagined possibilities. You enable your customers to get even more out of your drone images.

Simply earn money

  • Become a reseller

    You can purchase TwinSpect yourself, make it available to your customers at the original price and receive a commission from Twinsity for each project.

  • Inspire customers

    You offer your inspection customers significant added value with TwinSpect and strengthen your business relationships.

  • Win new customers

    With TwinSpect, you stand out from the competition and win new customers much more easily.

The best tool

Jasper Mink Geozicht Twinsity

„Twinsity proved to be the best tool for this job –as it’s able to render the full texture resolution in a smooth 3D environment, with the ability to add annotations directly onto the mesh and using the high fidelity of the model to accurately measure small deformations of the concrete.“

26280 h development time
350132 lines of program code
168 pizzas
Fabien Chalas Twinsity Twinspect CEO

Fabien Chalas, Co-Founder & CEO

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