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FAQ Trial, Account and Licenses

Twinsity is our 3D visual software solution that allows you to view and use your 3D models in high resolution. It is the base application on which the additional tools of the software are built. TwinSpect is a tool of Twinsity designed to perform digital inspections.

Create a free account with your name and email address. Afterwards you can use the software. Creating an account does not involve a subscription or any costs.

In Twinsity you can load your models and fly through them virtually. To activate the tools of the software, you need a license. These are project-based and must be licensed for eachproject. (See: “How to license a project?”).

14-day trial: To use the trial, create a free account with your name and email address. You
will then be able to test the software in full for 14 days without charge.

To license your project and use the tools, you purchase a project license through our sales team. After the purchase, the license you bought will be added to your Twinsity account. Now load the desired project in the software and you can choose which license to use from the available licenses in your account.

The licenses are each valid for one project. You do not take out a subscription, instead each project is licensed individually.

A project license runs for an unlimited time. You can use your project with all activated tools indefinitely after licensing.

If you have licensed a project, an unlimited number of people can work on it. Additional licenses per user are not required. The 14-day trial version also allows multiple users to collaborate on your project.

You can log in to your account on an unlimited number of devices to access and edit your projects.

The free and fully functional trial has a duration of 14 days, and the trial period ends automatically.

You do not sign up for a subscription with the trial. The trial period ends automatically and is not associated with any costs.

All tools of the software are available to you in the Twinsity TwinSpect trial.

• Measurements
• Annotations
• Records&Videos
• VR functionality
• TwinSpect

All projects you create in your trial will remain indefinitely and beyond the trial period. You
can continue to use all tools. Trial projects are watermarked.

FAQ General

Twinsity supports most common 3D model formats, especially OBJ and FBX.

For the display of the 3D model, as well as the use of the Annotations, Measurements, VR and Records&Videos features, most common photogrammetry software is supported. For the use of the TwinSpect feature, the use of RealityCapture is required. Starting in Q2 2021, the use of other photogrammetry software will also be possible for TwinSpect.

• 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10
• At least 8GB RAM
• Dedicated NVIDIA graphics card with at least 2GB RAM
• Twinsity can also be used without a graphics card, but visualization performance can be significantly reduced as a result.

FAQ TwinSpect

TwinSpect is the new inspection feature of Twinsity. By combining the high-resolution 3D mesh model and the original images from the drone, objects can be inspected efficiently, safely and accurately. You can navigate through the large number of original images using the digital twin of your object to reliably identify damaged areas. Annotations of varying severity can be added to the original images, driving collaborative and efficient work. After your inspection, an automatically generated PDF report is created, clearly presenting all relevant information and damage locations. Safe, collaborative and precise inspections – virtually with TwinSpect!

In Twinsity, a wide range of features are available to work efficiently and collaboratively with your 3D models:

  • TwinSpect allows objects to be digitally inspected safely, efficiently and accurately.
    Afterwards, automatically generate a PDF report.
  • Create annotations to highlight relevant locations in the 3D model.
  • Performing precise measurements down to the millimeter range.
  • Recording and creating animations and videos of the 3D model directly in the
  • VR functionality

A project license for the use of TwinSpect costs 450,-€. This includes 30 GPX. Each additional gigapixel costs 15,-€ each.

Yes. If you would like to use the features listed below without TwinSpect, contact for a quote!
• Annotations
• Records&Videos
• Measurements
• VR


Import 3D model

Add comments and notes

Make measurements

Record videos

Play back and export recorded videos

Install Twinsity Viewer and share projects

Export videos to Twinsity Viewer

Export settings for export to Twinsity from RealityCapture

When exporting your 3D mesh models in RealityCapture, please refer to the following export parameters:


  • Save mesh by parts: Yes
  • Format version: Wavefront obj (*.obj)
  • Export vertex normals: No
  • Number format: Float (or Decimal 6 in RC 1.2 Blaze)


  • Export to a single texture file: No
  • Texture file format: png
  • Texture pixel format: 32-bit BGRA

Screenshot of the export settings for export to Twinsity

Reality Capture Export Settings to Twinsity Screenshot

Release Notes

V 1.2

1.2.1 – TwinSpect / 20 Nov 2020

We have finally released our new major version 1.2 TwinSpect for RealityCapture to perform visual asset inspections.

TwinSpect features:

  • Annotations: Create annotations in your original images, and automatically find all images where the annotated issue can be found in
  • PDF Report: Create an automatically generated PDF report with detailed annotations of your TwinSpect projects.
  • Link Images to 3D Mesh: Identify and locate your created image annotations in your 3D mesh models
  • Contextual Images for 3D Spots: Find all contextual relevant images for a user-chosen 3D spot

Bug fixes:

  • Parallel model import sometimes crashed or missed some textures
  • Twinsity Viewer export (TRP files) linked to wrong models when different drives involved

V 1.1

1.1.13 / 03 Nov 2020Introduction of our project-based licensing and pricing for all our Twinsity products.

New features:

  • Integration of project-based licensing workflow
  • New orbit navigation mode:
    • Automatically updating the rotation center to the screen center
    • User can choose rotation center manually
  • Matterport: Support for Matterport mesh models (in OBJ format)

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