Truly fair and easy to use

You simply use TwinSpect on a pay-per-project base. You don’t need a permanent license, don’t subscribe and have full transparency project by project. And even if you use TwinSpect only rarely, the benefit and investment are in the best possible ratio.

Starting at 450 Euro per project

The project price is based on gigapixels. Gigapixel (GPX) is a measure of the total amount of image data that will be used to create your 3D model. We offer a base price of 450 Euro per project for up to 30 gigapixels. Each GPX beyond that is an additional 15 Euro.


Project price

€ 450

up to 30 GPX
*Additional Gigapixel 15 Euro

Try TwinSpect first for 14 days free of charge and use it to inspect your own projects of choice. The trial ends automatically, so you don’t need to cancel.