8. Februar 2023

Announcing the release of Twinspect 2023.1

We are very excited to announce the release of Twinspect 2023.1  The extensive update offers an overall new design and new key features as well as several optimizations. For an even more streamlined and efficient digital inspection workflow.
14. Dezember 2022

How digital inspections help reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint    

Our aging physical infrastructure worldwide requires continuous and cost-effective preventive maintenance and inspection to avoid economic and environmental damage due to structural deficiencies...
29. November 2022

Feature in focus: Twinsity’s streamlined integration with all leading photogrammetry engines   

Changing from on-site to digital inspections offers a variety of benefits, including increased efficiency in terms of time and cost factors, as well as identifying damaged areas and measures to be taken.
29. April 2022

Twinsity GmbH receives Distr@l funding for an AI research project from the Hessian Ministry for Digital Strategy and Development 

With its TWINSPECT software solution, Kassel-based Twinsity aims to make inspections digital, safe and efficient. Infrastructures and buildings worldwide are in an increasingly critical state and […]
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